On this website, you can get acquainted with the most promising Binary Options brokers from all over the world. We will tell you about each of them and help you pick out the one, which best suits your personal considerations.

Key Aspects of Trading

People go in for online merchandizing for a variety of purposes. The most common of them is gaining of profit. Really, when you purchase and sell assets offered in multiple markets, you get an excellent opportunity to earn a lot. People vend Binary Options, Forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, Contracts for Differences, shares, commodities, and more.

In order to succeed in trading, you should find a reliable, helpful, and honest broker. It is essential that a platform meets the following requirements:

  • wide choice of assets to merchandize with
  • free access to analytical and technical tools
  • opportunity to work with all international markets
  • 24/7 operation and an attentive helpdesk team
  • desktop version and a mobile/tablet app

There are many platforms nowadays compliant with all the above mentioned objectives. One of them is IQ Option, and we will tell you about in Broker Reviews Section.

How to Trade?

In short, you should buy an asset at the moment when it has the lowest cost. Then, when its price increases, you sell it — and gain the income depending on the price differential. The higher it is, the more you earn.

Normally, brokers help traders track market changes and ‘catch’ the price peaks and turns down. They offer users a variety of analytical instruments, financial calendars, price charts, and so on. Beginning dealers can also use the help of more experienced ones and get some training with a Training Account. Many companies, like IQ Option, have an educational section with video tutorials, online courses, topic-related articles, and FAQ. Besides, some brokers allow clients to copy ready-made trading strategies, developed by seasoned dealers.

And all this — for traders’ profit!

Let Us Get Started

In order to join the community of successful traders, follow the plan below. Be sure, it is the easiest and fastest way to your first profit:

  • Obtain actual and reliable information on trading: read related literature, take educational courses, and watch video tutorials from experts.
  • Select a reputable platform to trade on. It should provide a good selection of services and additional benefits, as well as the overall user protection.
  • Open a Demo Account, so that you could ‘become a skilled hand’ without the danger of losing real possessions. Practise different trading strategies.
  • Define the size of initial investment. It should not exceed 10% from your total balance. Otherwise, your trading might be too risky.
  • Don’t be afraid of losses — they are an unavoidable step to your future prosperity and wealth.

No matter, why you decided to take on online merchandizing — for the sake of money or out of interest. In any case, it is a perfect opportunity to enlarge your own scope, experience new things, and, eventually, gain very handsome financial return. Try it right now.

Brokerage platforms

Review about eToro

Broker Experts

The platform of Broker Experts is not a standard broker in its essence. It is the whole team of professionals in the sphere of Forex trading. Offering a wide range


Swissquote positions itself as a multi-objective investment bank with two major business areas — CFDs and Forex trading in the UK and stocks, options, and futures merchandizing in Switzerland. Founded


Plus500 is a well-known British broker providing its clients with as many as 1,000 merchandizing instruments. In this platform, one can buy and sell CFDs, indices, digital currency, commodities, and


The platform of OANDA offers its customers a full range of innovative trading and analytical solutions. Here, one can buy and sell Forex pairs, indices, traded goods, and so forth.

IQ Option

The system of IQ Option presents its users with a rich assortment of commercial opportunities, from Binary Options to all sorts of e-currency. This advanced platform is a perfect solution

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers Group is a well-known British company with over 40 years of experience on the market and thousands of clients from all over the Globe. Its major aim is


Founded in 1974, the company of IG has over 178,000 clients from all over the world. It opens access to more than 16,000 monetary markets and helps traders merchandize on


Established in 2006, FxPro functions in more than 170 territories and has over 1,300,000 customer accounts all over the world. The broker offers the full MetaTrader suite, extending to MT4


The multi-faceted platform for trading top stocks and ETFs, using ready-made merchandizing schemes, and improving your commercial skills — all this is about eToro. The system is intended to change