Broker Experts

The platform of Broker Experts is not a standard broker in its essence. It is the whole team of professionals in the sphere of Forex trading. Offering a wide range of services, this reputable investment firm helps its clients in liquidity streaming, FX brokerage, staff training, licensing, and so on. Its head office is located in Cyprus.

The Company’s Services in More Detail

The team of Broker Experts provides customers with the following opportunities:

Platform setting up and configuration. The firm supports MT4, MT5, and cTrader. It can tune the trader’s profile in compliance with certain business models, adjust connectivity between servers and liquidity providers, make the whole commercial environment White-label friendly, and so on.

Dealing and risk governance support. The specialists of Broker Experts increase clients’ profitability by 30-45% by means of managing possible risks. They internalize trading flows, create category omnibus accounts, monitor high risk transactions, and offer a variety of other services.

Development of different tools. With Broker Experts, your platform will get the whole range of instruments for clientele monitoring, team management, risk assessment, custom reporting, and other purposes. All these instruments help business owners reach their targets much faster and easier.

Thus, the good offices of Broker Experts are designed to meet the needs of clients, who want to succeed in the sphere of Forex commerce.

Educational Courses

The platform offers visitors a number of programs in the sphere of brokerage. What is more, the most talented students will become the partners of Broker Experts — and get a perfect chance to practise their new knowledge and skills. The courses are aimed at beginning traders and the ones, who are already employed in the Forex industry. Moreover, they will be useful for Forex brokers’ service providers, too, as they’ll expand their competence and increase the level of performance.

Once on the website of Broker Experts, you can select the services you need or sign up for the courses. The latter are frequently organized with the participation of special guests, well known in the sphere of Forex commerce. You can contact the firm via e-mail or phone. There is also an online request form for quick communication with the company’s representatives.


The representatives of Broker Experts are very attentive to every client. They solve clients’ problems in a one-by-one manner — some of them are offered certain services, while other are invited to join the educational program. It’s an excellent solution for those, who want to become successful Forex dealers without heaps of bad buys and severe losses.